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Web application development

No two businesses are the same. While unique ideas are rare, your web application should really stand out from your competition. Whether it’s the cornerstone of your business or something to modernize your internal processes, a custom web application can help you increase brand recognition, create efficiency, and, most of all, help you achieve your business goals. Developing a world-class web application requires an experienced team of experts, doing multiple tasks in different fields. Hiring an in-house team of developers is time-consuming, expensive, and often difficult. At Tangerine, you can quickly and easily onboard a talented and experienced dev team to design & develop your web application. Get your solutions launched on time and within budget with our comprehensive end-to-end web app development service.

Why you should invest in web application development

The way we use the internet has created many opportunities for businesses – both new and old. From communicating around the globe to doing your local grocery shopping, there’s a wealth of opportunity for creative minds to build a business around a web-based application.

Whether it’s a SaaS product, a video consultation platform, a high-performing big data tool, Tangerine specializes in web application development and has the commercial expertise and experience to turn your idea into a reality.

Convenience and reliability

Your business is built on a tool that’s not only convenient at solving a problem for a user but always being able to do it. Downtime, difficult features, and bugs only detract from this and erode your users’ trust in your business.

Why Tangerine?

Tangerine has been involved with custom software development for over a decade. Our ability to deliver digital products on time and within budget makes Tangerine the best web application development team for your next project.


We were agile before it was a buzzword. Having used the process for the last decade, we’ve been able to refine the process so that we’re always delivering a product that meets your business goals.

By breaking your product down into tasks and always focusing on the highest priority in 2-week blocks of time, we’re able to stay on time and meet your goals. This is a far better alternative compared to both parties agreeing on every feature, task, and process at the onset and then waiting for it to come to fruition.


Over the last decade, we’ve been responsible for creating over 250 apps across multiple industries and delivered them to businesses based in over 25 countries. This, combined with our constant monitoring of industry trends, quick implementation of the latest technologies, and ongoing commitment to industry-recognized standards, sees your product benefit from all the experience we have gained over that time.

The latest digital technologies

Moore’s law states that processing power doubles every 2 years. As web application developers, we’re dedicated to making the time to understand, learn and implement these ever-evolving technologies and use them to benefit your software development.

But the latest technology isn’t always the best technology. Usability is paramount, and the right tech stack ensures that usability, as well as the scalability of it. Our in-house developers specialize in multiple technologies to ensure that the best technical solutions are used on your application.

Our standard process includes continuous integration meaning you will always have the latest release of the app throughout the development process, and access to release notes to define what was different from the last version.


The initial stage of developing your project is assigning you a project to oversee and direct communicating with you from an idea to launching your project.

During the development process, your Project Manager will be available via your preferred communication channel. You’ll be part of multiple meetings with the entire group working on your web application. At the end of each phase, you’ll also receive a detailed report.

Consistent back-and-forth communication ensures that transparency is maintained, both parties are in constant alignment, and that you’re always using the most up-to-date version of your product.