Digital Product Development

If you want to scale up your business, a digital product could be one of the best approaches to do so. Whether it’s a web app or mobile app, it has the potential to become the primary source of new clients and significant income for your company. The continued growth in popularity of digital product allows you to leverage technology to achieve your commercial goals. In order to build commercially viable, custom software, you need experienced, agile teams who understand how to solve professional business problems.

Why investing in a digital product is a good idea?

Year-to-year stats for mobile and web apps are promising and constantly growing. It means that your business can reach out to a limitless pool of potential clients around the world. We spend a couple of hours using smartphones and probably half of our days working on computers and using web browsers. Being in some of these places (or all of them) is a must to make your brand recognizable, and your revenue grow.

Grow brand awareness

Your company has to be memorable. Working with us, you get access to numerous specialists with all skills required to build a robust, modern solution. Use that potential and give your customers exactly what they want. They will become devoted and loyal, which is the best way to find even more potential users for your software.

Why Trust Tangerine with your Digital Product Development?

We’ve been on the market for more than ten years, and we hire more than 100 specialists and IT enthusiasts. Not every software house can offer so many services, an actual all-in-one package. Collaborating with us means you will get a dedicated project manager and a team of designers, programmers, and testers to create a solution that you and your clients desire

Agile Framework

Working in the Agile framework is our standard practice. We use it to organize our work, communicate better and make our projects productive and effective. It’s a great methodology that prioritizes collaboration between the product owner and the team. Everyone is needed, and their ideas are always taken into consideration. We want you to participate in workshops and meetings actively so that we can learn more about your business and audien

Modern technologies

We are always up to date with the newest technologies and adopt promising frameworks and programming languages to our stack. That’s because we realize the IT world is constantly evolving, and we want to offer innovative services. Using modern tech means your digital product will perform as it should. New devices and operating systems require different approaches, so they naturally run on the latest frameworks. That’s why we always learn – always to be great at what we do.


We communicate openly and honestly with all of our clients. You will know the hourly rates of each team member, the project’s lineup with timeframe, and recommended technologies early on. We want you to be aware of all tasks and actions we will take to make your digital product dream come true. If there’s something that seems not clear, you can always ask, and you will receive the answer right away. A dedicated project manager will talk to you regularly to let you know about the progress and discuss all the details.