Product Support

At Tangerine, we understand that the success of your project is critical. The time and effort that goes into developing a unique web or mobile app are significant. For this reason, we have a support team you can depend on every step of the way. Our product support team has helped companies from across the globe get the most out of their digital product. We offer a range of support services to our customers, which help them extend the life of their software and ensure it is working at optimum levels.

To start, we have a dedicated help desk that operates under mutually agreed conditions. The help desk is here to answer all of your questions or queries and provide timely feedback to avoid unnecessary delays.

The Tangerine product support team can support you with bug fixes or further system development requirements. Our developers utilize their expertise in the latest technology and tools to fix any bugs or assist you with system updates. Their experience with apps and digital products across multiple devices will ensure that your business needs are satisfied.

Our team can also assist your business with system maintenance, system monitoring, consulting support, and testing maintenance & documentation. Our range of services will help resolve any issues that you experience throughout your project’s lifecycle. We maintain ongoing communication so that you are never left feeling neglected.

Tangerine product support services are here to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our range of service is tailored to suit any budget or timeline – all we need to understand is the scope and requirements of your project.

Why Tangerine?

At Tangerine, we understand that change requests are part of any successful project. We take on your change requests carefully and thoughtfully to ensure that your needs are met without compromise. Every client differs, as do their needs, so be assured that your requests will be treated as unique to your business. With Tangerine, we will ensure that your project stays on track while minimizing the impact on time and budget.

Service Level Agreements

In order to support your digital product post-production, the most economical solution for our clients is entering a service level agreement, which is a fixed cost on a month-to-month basis. Each SLA is agreed upon based on the following:

Key System Functions

Key functions of your application are agreed upon and often determine the level of engagement required of our team to support your digital product. It is crucial to understand which parts of the product are crucial in the running of your business.