Custom Machine Learning Solutions

Technology is constantly evolving and as a result, custom software development methods have changed significantly over the last decade. With the rise of machine learning capabilities, new possibilities for the classic programming approach have emerged. The ability to take massive amounts of complex data and allow machine learning solutions to provide outcomes based on analyzing and identifying patterns has created opportunities for businesses that were not possible in the past.

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and by applying such complex algorithms to digital product development, it is possible to introduce unique, sophisticated mobile & web-based applications to the market with unlimited potential.

Why choose Tangerine to achieve your machine learning goals?

Despite many companies having talented software developers on their teams, not too many companies have the in-house skills or knowledge required to deliver a commercially viable, machine learning solution. For this reason, Tangerine has a dedicated machine learning team that can be engaged to build a proof-of-concept or provide an end-to-end digital solution from scratch.

Tangerine has expert consultants to help solve complex business problems utilizing different areas of machine learning, including:

  • natural language processing (NLP),
  • image-based data analysis,
  • predictive analytics
  • audio processing

We have proven management and security processes that allow us to consistently deliver world-class digital products, either as a full in-house managed team from Tangerine or by augmenting your existing team with our machine learning experts.

Why are companies investing in machine learning?

Companies are prioritizing machine learning projects in their businesses and subsequently allocating significant budgets to them because it has become clearly evident that machine learning is able to assist in business growth and efficiency.

Many corporations struggle with outdated legacy systems but as more examples appear of machine learning automating processes that were not possible in the past, companies are turning to custom software development to derive greater business insights by using machine learning to create data-based decisions.

Analyze complex data

Not only can machine learning models analyze and identify patterns in huge amounts of data, but ML algorithms are able to handle multi-dimensional data with a variety of complex layers. This means that relationships in data can be discovered, which is not limited to the abilities of a person’s own intellect.

If your business relies on complex data analysis or making data-based decisions based on complex analytics, machine learning is the way to go. Our machine learning experts are able to create a model which can be used for your internal systems or create a wholly digital platform with a machine learning model as the core functionality.

Why trust Tangerine with your Machine Learning solution?

Tangerine the goal of leveraging technology to solve business problems. That meant being innovative, hiring the most talented engineers, and applying modern technologies. With machine learning having such an impact in the software development world, we quickly decided to invest in our ML team and continue to be a reliable partner for our clients. By having a dedicated, in-house machine learning team, we are able to provide custom models for existing software or use them as part of a full system for your digital product requirements.