Mobile Marketing

Nothing makes things shine more than the right marketing techniques. Our marketing team offers insight into trending advertising channels and techniques of mobile marketing. We can prepare your marketing strategy and design strategy and content to compliment your product on mobile devices and make it visible.

Product Analysis

We start by analyzing your app. With your help, we establish the target audience (users) of your product and the value it provides. We analyze your competition, your own ideas, and branding in order to include them in designing the right campaign strategy for your app.

App Store Optimization

When launching a new app in Google Play or App Store you need to ensure the best possible exposure. ASO is a set of techniques used to complete your product’s app store profile so it shows up as high as possible in the search results.

Marketing Campaign

In this phase, we design your marketing campaign. This includes continuous improvements to ASO, your app’s website (landing page), Google Ads strategy as well as social media exposure – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other services that you may choose.

Marketing Activity Report

Once your app is in the market and your campaign launched, we will constantly monitor the effects and provide periodic reports directly to you. The reports will also help us to continuously improve and adjust the marketing efforts.